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Rod McInnes
McInnes Sept
Sun May 13, 2012 23:32

Hi Norm,

Yes, I have been interested for some time but had been stuck at a dead end. My wife, who is a Chisholm organised the tests for her father as part of the Clan Chisholm project through Clan Chisholm here in Oz. This project is run from New Zealand by a very hard working co-ordinator and I was very impressed.

I'm a member of Clan Donald in Australia as the McInnes Sept of Clan Ranald, and was keen to get my father to do the same. However, my clan connection leaves me in no-man's land as the Clan Donald project requires a MacDonald or cognate surname, whereas I had thought that the McInnes project would not have a close match to our Sept.

So, please send me the information. I can be contacted directly through our family history website (see link to my name at bottom of page). BTW our home page is temporarily down, but our family story is also told on the Moidart site

Tapadh leat,

Rod McInnes

  • Arisaig ConnectionsNorm MacInnis, Sun May 13 19:57
    Hi Rod, We communicated briefly about possible MacInnis connections ithe Arisaig area. My MacInnis line is also from Arisaig, Scotland. There is a Clan MacInnes DNA data base that I belong to and I... more
    • Also from that Antigonish lineNadine McInnis, Thu Dec 7 00:07
      I would be interested in knowing more about the DNA database. I'm also a descendent of Angus Ban McInnis.
    • McInnes Sept — Rod McInnes, Sun May 13 23:32
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