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Rod McInnes
Sat Aug 31, 2013 18:38


Sorry for the problems. The correct e-mail link is the hyperlink of my name the bottom of the page, and is definitely working. You can get a "Temporarily Unavailable" error message, but just press "resend" until the site recovers.

Anyway, I'll contact you directly.

  • Rod McInnesAlan Jones, Sat Aug 31 13:15
    Rod, I have been trying to contact you, when I click on your name, all I get in an error message. contact me at home on my personal address;
    • Contact — Rod McInnes, Sat Aug 31 18:38
      • Re: ContactRod McInnes, Tue Sep 3 05:47
        Thanks to all those here who helped offline with finding Grahame. Grahame tells me that he has contacted Alan and may even be of some assistance. All I can say is.... Ni h-eibhneas gan Greum... more
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