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dennis 355
Sat May 20, 2017 12:05


Do you have the name of Archibald's widow & children?

I'm looking for Isabella MacEachern born 1796 in Scotland.

Isabella married Neil MacDonald in Judique in the early 1820's. With certainty, their son Neil was born in 1823 at Judique.

Neil's family came in the 1790's & were in Judique by 1802.

My MacDonalds were located at Porta Phata, Loch Moidart.

Knowing the MacDonald family first names, I believe the name Neil came from within Issabela's family. Are there Neil's within your MacEachern's?

The name Neil is a common name on the Hebridean islands adjacent to Moidart on the mainland but still part of the Clan Ranald estates. Neil as a name on the mainland is a rarity.

These MacDonalds & MacEacherns were Catholic highlanders.

Perhaps you have some insight to share.


  • Moidart MacEachernsAlec McEachern, Fri May 19 21:52
    Heather: Contact me at My ancestor Archibald MacEachern lived on Shona Beg, Kinlochmoidart Estate and left for Cape Breton in 1802 but died en route. His widow and kids settle ... more
    • MacEacherns of JudiqueDave MacEachern, Wed Aug 2 16:38
      My great great grandfather was Alexander MacEachern (b. late 1790ís early 1800) and he married Margaret MacEachern am not sure if they lived in the area of Judique. He may be the son of Archilbald... more
    • MacEacherns — dennis 355, Sat May 20 12:05
      • The MacEachernsAlec , Sun May 21 01:51
        Dennis: Archibald's widow was Jane and she arrived with two sons, Hugh b. 1785 and Alexander b. 1796 and possibly a daughter. She received a grant for 350 acres at Centennial (part of Judique) which... more
        • MacEachernsDennis Penton, Sun May 21 17:43
          Alec, Is this still your email? Dennis
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