The MacEacherns
Sun May 21, 2017 01:51

Dennis: Archibald's widow was Jane and she arrived with two sons, Hugh b. 1785 and Alexander b. 1796 and possibly a daughter. She received a grant for 350 acres at Centennial (part of Judique) which she split between Hugh and Alexander. I'm a descendant of Alexander. The 1811 Census and 1813 Militia papers both indicate there was a young woman in the household but no name or age is given. It's interesting you mention the name Neil. I submitted my ydna to the Clan Donald DNA project which has some interesting information on the MacEacherns (Turns out I'm not a MacEachen/MacDonald/MacLean as I've so often been told). According to the dna, the authors claim the MacEacherns are descended from a near paternal ancestor of Somerled and they've identified a MacEachern haplogroup, which they named CLD 62. I just took an additional dna test (R1a-Z284 panel)which confirmed me as CLD 62. Now for the "Neil" part. Turns out my closest dna match in the Clan Donald study is a gentleman named Neill McDonald who lives in the southern U.S. (Our dna is so close that we were trying to figure out who's great-grandfather might have visited the other's great-grandmother.) Neill told me his ancestor Neil McDonald was a Clanranald who joined the British Navy in Skye in late 1700's and then settled in North Carolina where they have stayed. (The furthest south my family made it was New Hampshire.) Even though his surname is McDonald, Neill's dna says he's a MacEachern. From my reading, it was apparently a common occurrence for gaelic speaking highlanders to be mustered into the military as "MacDonalds" regardless of their actual surname. I can just envision an English speaking quartermaster asking a Gaelic speaking MacEachern his last name and responding, "Well, you're a MacDonald now boy." Also, somewhere on the Moidart History Group's website I did see the name "Neil MacEachen" listed as a tenant back in one of the glens. We don't have any "Neils" in my family, Archie and Duncan are the big names with us.

  • MacEachernsdennis 355, Sat May 20 12:05
    Alec, Do you have the name of Archibald's widow & children? I'm looking for Isabella MacEachern born 1796 in Scotland. Isabella married Neil MacDonald in Judique in the early 1820's. With certainty,... more
    • The MacEacherns — Alec , Sun May 21 01:51
      • MacEachernsDennis Penton, Sun May 21 17:43
        Alec, Is this still your email? Dennis
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