Dave MacEachern
MacEacherns of Judique
Tue Aug 1, 2017 16:56

My family consists of 5 kids and we all live in Ontario
1. Betty Ann MacEachern
2. James MacEachern
3. Michael MacEachern
4. David MacEachern
5. Larry MacEachern
Our father was Andrew MacEachern born 1916 in Cape Breton, lived in Judique. He had a sister Sarah (1913-2014) she lived 101 yrs and had 9 children. She married Pius Hennebery and lived in PEI . My dadís only brother was Michael A MacEachern (1912-1978). He married Marie McCleod and had no children.
My grandfather was James MacEachern (1869-1928) married Margaret MacEachern
My great grandfather was Michael MacEachern (1842-1930) married in 1870 to Kate (Katherine) MacDonald (b.1847-1936) with issue, James (1869-1928),Margaret (b.1876),Hector (1878-1954),Jessie(b.1879),Sarah (b.1879),Katie (b.1881),Catherine(b.1883),Mary E(b.1885),Mary (b.1888)
My great great grandfather was Alexander (Alex) MacEachern (b. late 1790ís early 1800) and he married Margaret MacEachern
Alexander MacEachern and his wife Margaret MacEachern (maiden name I do not know but could be MacEachern as well) must have been born around 1815 and married around (1842) but I am not sure if they lived in the area of Judique.
This information on Alexander comes from the death certificate of Michael his son as it states Alexander is the father and Margaret the mother of the deceased and that he was born in Nova Scotia.
I have attached the death certificates of Michael on the next page..and James death certificate in (2 parts)
Hope this helps.

  • Judique MacEachernsAlec McEachern, Tue May 16 01:51
    Looking for information on MacEacherns from Moidart. In particular Widow Jane MacEachern who arrived in Judique in 1802 with sons Hugh (b. 1785 Scotland) and Alexander (b. 1796)and possibly... more
    • MacEacherns of Judique — Dave MacEachern, Tue Aug 1 16:56
    • Alasdair MacEachern of BoulardrieRobert Ian MacEachern, Wed Nov 22 23:18
      I am a descendant of this man, from what I am told he left Mull, Scotland, sometime before 1830 and settled in Boulardrie and married a MacDonald, I havent learned anything else of him other than his ... more
    • MoidartAllan J. Gillis, Wed Jun 21 15:22
      I have some information on some MacEacherns and MacDougalls from Moidart who arrived in Cape Breton on the ship "Tartar" in 1816. They settled in the same area as his people in the Long Point (Rudha... more
      • McDougall's on TartarGreg Lynch, Mon Oct 2 22:55
        Hi Allan, It would be much appreciated if you could send me a list of the McDougall's on that ship. Greg
      • MacEacherns of JudiqueDave MacEachern, Wed Aug 2 19:01
        I would be interested to know if the ship list of the Tartar 1816 shows an Alexander and Margaret MacEachern arriving in Cape Breton. Then i would know they arrived married or if Alexander arrived... more
      • Macdonalds of KinlochmoidartRaymond Allan Lescott of Tilstock, Wed Jun 28 09:38
        Hello, I came across this site by chance and find it fascinating. I am a direct descendant of Donald Macdonald of Kinlochmoidart, (executed 18th October 1946) whose son John (born circa 1705), fled... more
      • GaoidealKate Maceachen, Tue Jun 27 14:30
        I`m interested in your use of this placename as my ancestors were removed from there and from Rhu, Arisaig, to Ardnish around 1780.Other crofters were moved out of Rhu in 1801 and many went to Canada ... more
        • Gaoideal (Guidale for the Sassenachs)Allan J. Gillis, Tue Jun 27 17:01
          Hi Kate, My Gillises arrived in Cape Breton from Gaoideal in 1820/1821 and settled on River Denys Mountain, Inverness County. The 1772 in my address refers to the arrival of my Kinlochmoidart... more
    • find name at placeanonymous, Tue May 16 15:58
      You searched for: Mceacheran [refine search] Exact Spelling: On Matches: All Sources - 55 Ancestral File 1. Mary Lynn MCEACHERAN - Ancestral File Gender: F Birth/Christening: 1916 Matches: Ancestral... more
    • place of namesanomymous, Tue May 16 15:50
      If you go to google type in scottish names than electric scotland will appear click on ,they have list of scottish clans .Although I belive mceachern is a step of a larger clan.
    • MacEachensGrahame MacDonald, Tue May 16 08:40
      The earliest Moidart baptismal records commence in December 1829. I could check these records for you. MacEachens and MacEacherns are basically different families but I believe that in some cases the ... more
      • MacEacherns/MacEachensAlec McEachern, Thu May 18 03:51
        Grahame, I would appreciate it very much if you would check those baptismal records and let me know if they show any concentrations of these surnames within Moidart. Several of the other MacEachern... more
        • family searchLeslie Christian, Thu Sep 7 15:31
          Alec, I have been searching for anyone with the name McEachern, it is in fact a rare name and I would like to know if you are related to Donald McEachern, who was born in Scotland and died in Canada, ... more
          • MAlec McEachern, Thu Oct 12 03:03
            Leslie, contact me at AlecMcEachern@msn.com and I can share what I have for research.
            • McEachernAnne Marie, Fri Oct 13 21:34
              My grandmothers name was Kathleen McEachern or McEachnie from South Uist, she moved to Glasgow in the 1950s and was married to William Grieve, Do you Know who these people are. thanks Anne Marie
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