william f. callahan
the clanrenald macdonalds of moidart
Thu Jul 5, 2018 02:08

how can i read this manuscript.thank you.

  • Colin S. MacDonaldRod McInnes, Sat Jan 22 06:44
    Valerie, In Australia, Graham MacDonald of Gympie has a copy which I believe he got from Colin direct back in the 1950s. He very generously loans it for copying. I made an uncollated PDF copy, which... more
    • the clanrenald macdonalds of moidart — william f. callahan, Thu Jul 5 02:08
    • Colin MacDonald's bookValerie Smith, Sun Jan 23 00:50
      Thank you Rod, I do know Grahame and will seek out a copy. I did read the copy held in the National Archives Edin and had I my laptop there all would be resolved. I do have to wonder why a transcrip... more
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