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Tricia Murphy-Black
Name of Burial Place
Sat Feb 21, 2009 22:59 (XFF:

I would be grateful for advice: I have two death certificates from 1855 and 1860 both of which mention burial places - both the deaths were in Barcara (or Bracora) in Glenelg. The name of the burial place starts off Killich quite clearly - the second half of the word is difficult to read - it might be Killichismen; Killichmor or Killichimor. Does anyone recognise this name?

    • KilliechumeinAlasdair Roberts, Tue Feb 24 15:35
      Marked Cille Chumein on six inch maps, this is the old Morar cemetery. St Cumin is the man it's named after, as also the local Catholic church. Bracara is a spread out crofting village along the... more
      • KilliechumeinTricia Murphy-Black, Sun Mar 1 22:07
        Thank you so much - this is a great help.
    • Known unknownsRod McInnes, Sun Feb 22 14:21
      I don't know, but I'm sure Alasdair Roberts who lives at Bracara would Ruaraidh
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