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Michaela McDonald
Tue Feb 24, 2009 02:35 (XFF:

I have found relatives listed as working at Gaskan in 1851. They were Roderick and Sarah MacDonald with their children. He was a shepherd. They emigrated in 1852 to Australia. Our family tells us the story that Roderick's eldest boy Angus killed (or fought with )a person in a fight on the far side of the loch and died while rowing back from overexertion trying to get away. Another version of this family story is that he was on the loch fishing with the school master and people from the other side of the loch tried to steal their fish and while trying to escape them he overexerted himself and died. He is buried on Greeen Island. Because Roderick didn't want to lose anymore sons to this fued(apparantly going on for some time) he decided to emigrate. The family did have a son Angus listed in the 1841 census but he is not listed on the 1851 census. Does any one have any info on this? I appreciate the help.

    • GascanRod McInnes, Sat Feb 28 13:49
      Michaela, No I can't really help on your specific issues, but since it's not entirely clear what sources you've used, I will make some suggestions on sources. Apologies if you've already consulted... more
      • GascanMichaela McDonald, Mon Mar 2 04:13
        Rod, Thanks for the info. I have an old copy of Fr. Charles's book. I will get it out tonight and check it out.Was there a family of thieves living across the loch in the 1840's? My elderly Aunt... more
        • GascanRod McInnes, Mon Mar 2 12:11
          Michaela, Again, I can't help you on specifics. The territorial basis of the wider Campbell feud is covered very well in Fr. Charles' Chapter 5, so you'll see that "across the loch" has some... more
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