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Rod McInnes
Sat Feb 28, 2009 13:49 (XFF:


No I can't really help on your specific issues, but since it's not entirely clear what sources you've used, I will make some suggestions on sources. Apologies if you've already consulted these.

Gascan (Gaelic spelling - Gaelic has no letter "k") is mentioned in Fr. Charles' history on pg 193 in relation to the second of the "da amadan" - two fools of Morar (see Alasdair Roberts presentation to the CEM ). James MacDonald "of Morar" lived at Gascan prior to his death in 1853 in the care (according to Fr. Charles) of a John MacDonald. However, the 1841 census (from the members' section of this site) says that a James MacDonald of appropriate age was in the house of a Ronald MacPherson. No James appears in the 1851 Census. So, some information on Gascan, but nothing on your family.

Your Roderick/Rodrick (sp. in 1841) MacDonald appears in James Murray's PhD thesis along with his son Duncan, and the death of his wife Sarah on the voyage out is recorded in the Appendix. So, information on your family, but too late a period to be of relevance to your question.

All the best,

Rod McInnes

  • GaskanMichaela McDonald, Tue Feb 24 02:35
    I have found relatives listed as working at Gaskan in 1851. They were Roderick and Sarah MacDonald with their children. He was a shepherd. They emigrated in 1852 to Australia. Our family tells us the ... more
    • Gascan — Rod McInnes, Sat Feb 28 13:49
      • GascanMichaela McDonald, Mon Mar 2 04:13
        Rod, Thanks for the info. I have an old copy of Fr. Charles's book. I will get it out tonight and check it out.Was there a family of thieves living across the loch in the 1840's? My elderly Aunt... more
        • GascanRod McInnes, Mon Mar 2 12:11
          Michaela, Again, I can't help you on specifics. The territorial basis of the wider Campbell feud is covered very well in Fr. Charles' Chapter 5, so you'll see that "across the loch" has some... more
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