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Re: MacDougall & McInnes
Tue May 12, 2009 01:26 (XFF:


I am in the infant stages at this time. I have been able to substantiate Donald and Catherine as solidly being my relatives via NS records.

As for Donald’s age,

Well..I have a land claim or land petition for 1824 which says he was 68 for that year at the time of request. Mind you, in 1824 there were possible 3-4 other Donald MacDougalls in the Judique, CB area of adult age, the rest being infants.

The land petition states all his Adult sons, everyone except Archibald, were attending with him. In the “History of Inverness county” (1922), states that Archibald simply died in Scotland. This leads me to believe that he never showed up in CB and stayed in Moidart area, or died years before.

I cannot say conclusive how old he was though. He may have been as young as 40ish and as old as 60ish. Donald’s son, Hugh, had a son with his wife Mary Gillis. This would have been Rev.John MacDougall (B.1823, Arisaig Scotand), he would have been born the same year they all emigrated. Which leads me to believe they were established in Scotland as an adult family before they came to CB as a group.

But yes, I’ll likely registrar on here in the days to come.

Looking at your info, I must say, you have complied quite a solid history there. The more I dig into genealogy, the more I begin to realize we’re all just a bunch of displaced Scots looking for answers after all these years.

Thank you for your insights.


  • MacDougall & McInnesRod McInnes, Mon May 11 13:58
    Dear Lachlan, I'm also interested in MacDougall and McInnes around that period, as our family descended from a John McInnes (born circa 1765) and Mary Macdougall (b. circa 1785)... more
    • Nova Scotia McInnes lineNorm MacInnis, Thu Oct 27 16:10
      Rod, I came accros your post while reseaching the McInnes/ Moidart connection. My oldest ancestor was Angus Ban McInnes from Arisaig. Three of his sons Hugh, Angus and Andrew were early immigrants to ... more
      • MacInnisChristine Johnson, Tue Nov 13 15:12
        Hi Norm, My Grandfather John MacInnis (b1866?) was from Nova Scotia and I have hit a wall myself with his family. He married Catherine MacIsaac and had 5 children. Mary b1901, (unknown still... more
      • Dunkeld 1791Linda Prendergast, Fri Oct 28 12:45
        Hi Norman I am not a relative, but my ancestor also came from Moidart in 1791. His name was Roderick (Rory ) Mac Dougall and with him were his wife and three children, from whom we are all descended. ... more
        • DunkeldAllan J. Gillis, Sat Oct 29 05:56
          Hi Linda, Like you, I had an ancestor, Neil MacDougall from Eigg, who came out in 1791 on the Dunkeld (sometimes erroneously called the "Dunkfield"). I've been working on my people for over 30 years... more
          • DunkeldLinda Prendergast, Sun Oct 30 14:12
            Good idea Alan. Linda
    • Re: MacDougall & McInnes — Anonymous, Tue May 12 01:26
      • MacDougallsAllan J. Gillis, Sun Oct 30 17:44
        From the late 1790s until the late 1800s there were only two MacDougall families in the Judique area. The first resident family with that name was that of Neil MacDougall (b. 1769) from Eigg who... more
      • Correlating these Surnames in ArisaigRod McInnes, Wed May 13 14:11
        Lachlan, Thanks for the further information. The potential ages are such a range as to be not much use in themselves. More interesting is the birth in Arisaig. Looking at the Loch Ailort census data... more
        • Arisaig ConnectionsNorm MacInnis, Sun May 13 19:57
          Hi Rod, We communicated briefly about possible MacInnis connections ithe Arisaig area. My MacInnis line is also from Arisaig, Scotland. There is a Clan MacInnes DNA data base that I belong to and I... more
          • Also from that Antigonish lineNadine McInnis, Thu Dec 7 00:07
            I would be interested in knowing more about the DNA database. I'm also a descendent of Angus Ban McInnis.
          • McInnes SeptRod McInnes, Sun May 13 23:32
            Hi Norm, Yes, I have been interested for some time but had been stuck at a dead end. My wife, who is a Chisholm organised the tests for her father as part of the Clan Chisholm project... more
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