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Andrew Beachum
John McIsaac Scotland to Nova Scotia to US 1840-1910
Tue Jun 9, 2009 23:15


I am posting this message to see if any of this information sounds familiar or "clicks" with anyone's family history. My g-g-g-grandfather was named John McIsaac. The only information I know about him is that he was born in Scotland in December of 1840, came to Nova Scotia when he was 9 (supposedly), and then immigrated to the United States in 1853. By the 1860's he was in Pennsylvania, working in the oil fields. He moved to West Virginia around 1900 and died there in 1910. I have been trying to figure out which MacIsaac family he belonged to, but I have had no luck. I have looked at census records, histories of the pertinent areas, etc. Does anybody have a MacIsaac family history that involves a son named John who disappears from the family records (as opposed to dying.) The family would have come from Scotland to Nova Scotia in 1850 or so. I would really appreciate any input/help with this mystery.

Thank you!
Andrew Beachum

    • Where in Nova Scotia?
      • Eigg MountainAndrew Beachum, Fri Apr 9 05:52
        I have since discovered that the MacIsaac family I am researching lived at Rear Arisaig / Eigg Mountain in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. Lauchlin Mor MacIsaac was the first of the family to settled ... more
        • Re: Eigg MountainAnonymous, Sun Apr 11 18:54
          Andrew, If you check Fr. Rankin's "History of Antigonish" p.316, you will find Archie MacLellan from Eigg. He came to Eigg Mountain in 1825 and married Catherine MacIsaac. They had issue: 1. Ronald,... more
          • Thank you!Andrew Beachum, Sun Apr 11 19:14
            Allan, Thanks so much for posting your reply. It's funny you posted the info about Archie MacLellan, since I was looking for info about him, but hadn't mentioned it! I am so appreciative that you... more
      • John McIsaac Scotland to Nova Scotia to US 1840-1910Andrew Beachum, Thu Jun 25 05:18
        I don't know which area of Nova Scotia he lived in, unfortunately. I have heard very recently that he may have arrive in NS as a stowaway when he was 9 years old (this is what he apparently told the... more
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