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Andy Morrison
"..Popish parents and their children 1701-1705"
Fri Jun 19, 2009 15:03

Thanks for all the intersting postings recieved in the last few years sorry not to have had a greater imput.

The above article I have recently read from The Maitland Club Miscellany, and it covers a lot of the area covered by the Moidart History Group, the folowing of which is an extract..

.."A List of Persons (children) of Popish Parents in the paroch of Gleneldge and Knodeart..

In Moydart

Allan MacKDonald of Moydart.

Ranald McDonald his brother.

Ranald McDonald of Kanlochmoydart.

Angus his brother.

Rorie McDonald of Glenaldaill

John his sone

Ranald McDonald in Essan

Ranald McDonald there.

John McDonald in Essan.

Angus Mcdonald there.

In Arisaik

Alexander McDonald younger of Borradill

Niel M'Gilliechallum in Duchannis

James McDonald of Bellfinlay.

Malcolm Beaton in Kannloid

Alexander McDonald in Ardfouram

Donald McDonald brother to the deceased Bellfinlay.

In Morar

Allan MacDonald vic Coul of Morar

Ranald MacDonald of Cross his brother.

Niel M'Coil vic Will alias M'Gillies in Ardglash.

John McDonald in Suinsletter.

Angus his brother there.

Allan MacDonald servitor to the Laird of Morar.

Ranald McDonald in Inverosy.

Alexander Macdonald in Clasnacardich.

John M'Gillies in Ardnamurach.

William M'Gillies in KenlochMorar.

Donald M'Gillies in Romasaick.

Allan McDonald in Ardglash.

Dugal M'Conchie in Breachamoy.

The full paper can be downloaded with many more treasures at

    • Popish Parents and their Children, etc. 1701-1705. Valerie Smith, Sat Jan 22 22:40
      Thank you for directing me to this article, I have now downloaded it and have attempted to correct the scan in some areas, not successfully in all. The reference is a strong reminder as to why... more
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