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Andy Morrison
Men who refused to enlist
Sun Dec 20, 2009 21:38

The following is taken from Letters of Two Centuries, edited by Charles-Fraser MacKintosh,Inverness 1890.

" Prior to 1745 there was little difficulty in getting men in the Highlands to go out to fight, though it was very difficult to keep them long in the field continuously.
The Disarming Acts prohibitive of the use of Highland dress, and other severe repressive measures, cowed to a great extent the martial spirit of the people.
Large numbers of those in better circumstances, many of whom had been out in the 45 voluntarily expatriated themselves betwixt 1760 and 1790; and it cannot be alleged that towards the end of last(18th)centuary there was any strong feeling in favour of enlistment....."

...Alexander Macdonell of Glengarry..reached his majority in 1794 when he was named Colonel, with power to raise a regiment.

He does not seem to have made much progress in Knoydart as the following shows in his letter to his agent in Inverness.

" Scammadale 20th November., 1794.

Sir, Enclosed you have a list of small tenants belonging to my Knoydart property their leases being expired at Whitsunday first and having refeused to serve me, l have fully determined to warn them out, and turn them off my property, without loss of time....

"A list of the tenants who refused themselves, their sons, or their brothers to Col MacDonell.

Rithedarroch. Alex Mackinnon, Rori Macdonell, Donald Gillies, Catherine Gillies.

Claischoille. Ranald Macdonell, Donald Macdonell, Dugald Maclachlan.

Inverimore. John Macdonell, junior.

Killachoan. Alex Macdonell, Ranald Macdonell, Angus Mackinnon, senior.

Skiary. Jas Macdougald, Donald Macdougald, John Macdougald, Duncan Macphee, Ewen Cameron.

Lee and Mimdle. Donald Macgregor, Angus Macgregor, Donald Macmillan, Angus Macmillan, Ewen Macmillan.

Samadalan. Angus Macdougald, Donald Macdonald.

Sutkardkeas. .... Macdonell.

Salacharry. John Macdonell senior.

Kyles. Rori Macdonell, Lachlan Macdonell.

Grob and Riguol. Mr Hugh Gray, Duncan Macdonell.

Their cottars must be particulary specified, as they have a great number of them that refused.

A.G.(Andy) Morrison 20/12/2009

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