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Dunkeld/Moydart Point
Sat Jan 23, 2010 00:30
MOYDART POINT, Antigonish County
A point N.E. of Merigomish Island on the Northumberland Strait.
Named after the district in the southwest of Inverness-shire, Scotland, from which the early settlers came. A number of emigrants from Moydart came to Pictou in 1791 on the ship Dunkeld. Among those who settled in Antigonish County were Dougald Ban McDonald, John Smith, Donald Smith, Donald McPherson and his son John and John McDonald (Ban) and his father Angus McDonald who had taken part in the battle of Culloden. Dougald McPherson also fought at Culloden.
Patrick O'Brien was teaching school at Moydart in 1828.
The name Moydart for the village was dropped and the post office called McArras Brook.

  • DunkeldHeaher Walters, Thu Jan 21 19:15
    Higuys I have scanned 3 pages from a book called "The People of the Hector" by Donald MacKay where he refers in some detail to the people that came to Pictou in 1791 on the Dunkeld. Contact me at my... more
    • dunkeldjh, Thu Jul 25 01:33
      hi heather would it be possible if you could send me info on the ship dunkeld ie. passenger list??
    • New e-mailHeather Walters, Tue Oct 26 17:45 Just realized I had the old address up. Hope I didn't miss anything from any of you!
      • DunkeldAllan J. Gillis, Wed Oct 27 06:26
        As far as I can ascertain the two ships that arrived at Pictou in 1791 from the Western Isles area of Scotland were the "Dunkeld" (often mistakenly called the Dunkfield) and the "Colonel Fraser". It... more
        • Re: DunkeldHeather Walters, Thu Oct 28 20:49
          Hi Allan I've also got some MacDougalls in my MacDonald ancestry....thought I'd give you the following back and forth discussion I had in Nov. o5 on Roots Chat. Just thought you might find it of... more
          • Lake Ainslie MacDougallsAllan J. Gillis, Fri Oct 29 06:22
            Hi Heather, Would these be your people? Alexander (Alasdair Iain Ruaidh) MacDougall (ca. 1823-?), s/o John (Iain Ruadh) MacDougall and Janet (Jessie) MacDonald = Mary MacIsaac (12 Sep. 1836- ?) d/o... more
            • MacDougallMelanie , Tue Feb 25 15:31
              Hi There, I am interested in any information you may have Alexander (Alasdair Iain Ruaidh) and Mary MacIsaac would be my great great great grandparents. I have all of the MacIsaac info, researching... more
              • Re: MacDougallMelanie, Tue Feb 25 15:32
                My name is Melanie Beaton not MacDougall as the previous email stated
            • MacDougalls from Lake AinslieHeather walters, Sat Oct 30 18:05
              Hi Allan The e-mail address I have for you was incorrect. Please send your new one and I'll forward my MacIsaac files to you. Ciao, Heather
            • Lake Ainslie MacDougallsHeather Walters, Fri Oct 29 16:49
              Hi Allan I'm hoping I have the right e-mail addy for you. I'm sending the whole file for Duncan MacIsaac. I think you'll find it interesting. It appears we're related. As well, my mother Helen... more
        • Dunkeld, 1791, Mac DougallLinda Prendergast, Thu Oct 28 15:07
          Thanks Allan and all for the info about the ship Dunkeld. Hopefully somewhere those passenger lists still exist.
          • family treejohn mac dougall, Fri Jan 13 19:33
            trying to find ship that great grandfather came to ns on. name roarihd mgdougald (cleirck)
          • Dunkeld JournalNorm MacInnis, Tue Nov 1 16:12
            Unless I dreamt this, a few years ago I came across a story about a letter from a MacDougall who was making notes on the journey from Scotland to Nova Scotia aboard the Dunkeld in 1791.The person who ... more
            • maryvale connectionjohn mac dougall, Mon Jan 16 21:34
              hi my family started in maryvale roarihd mc dougald also known as cleric as he was a clerk for a priest in scotland.can't find which ship he came on. married to lilland chisholm. thanks john mac... more
            • ship log for dunkfield Anonymous, Mon Jan 16 21:28
              hi maryvale is where my family started in nova scotia. would appreciate any info. roarihd mac dougall also refered to as cleric as he was a clerk for a priest in scotland thanks john mac dougall
    • New e-mailHeather Walters, Tue Oct 26 17:44
      Just realized I had the old address up. Hope I didn't miss anything from any of you!
    • DunkeldMary, Sat Oct 23 19:24
      I would love to get a copy of he three pages of the People of the Hector, by Donald MacKay. Please advise if that is possible. Thanks,
      • Dunkeldfisemicr, Sun Oct 24 21:28
        Actually you can view the pages at:... more
      • People of the HectorHeather Walters, Sun Oct 24 16:23
        It'll take a wee bit to find in my mess but I will & I'll happily send it. What's your e-mail? Heather
        • People of the Hectorfisemicr, Mon Oct 25 15:22
          Heather - My email is . Thank you. Ray MacDonald
    • Dunkeld/Moydart Point — fisemicr, Sat Jan 23 00:30
      • angus macdonaldhoward/dolorosa, Mon Oct 21 18:14
        hi again from moidart point antigonish,co,ns my sister is very interested in our ancestry and myself,i am just getting the bug.our family roots begin with angus who fought in the battle of... more
    • re: Dunkeldfisemicr, Thu Jan 21 19:38
      Heather: Yes, if you could email those pages I would appreciate it. Thank you for your help. Ray MacDonald
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