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Lake Ainslie Cape Breton
Tue Oct 12, 2010 16:36

Hi guys
Just thought I might stir up some sympathy from you on this one.. Please give it a look.
Best Regards
Heather Walters

Let me introduce you to Lake Ainslie, a beautiful part of Cape Breton that is close to my heart. In the mid 1700's my ancestors , MacDonalds from Moidart and MacIsaacs from Canna. came to this area and settled there. my ggggg grandfathr Angus MacIsaac was the first person to be buried there, on the beach at Inverness. They loved the landscape as it reminded them of Scotland. This unspoiled treasure is now being threatened by the Oil Industry. They propose drilling at Lake Ainslie, using a particularly nasty method called "Fracking". Please read the info and go to the attached links. I'm hoping you may feel the urge to sign the petition. Maybe we can get "Scots" from all over the world on board .
Thanks so much for your time! I appreciate it.

By Lawrence MacIsaac
While our life styles are linked to the petroleum industry these exploration companies do not need to use "fragging" in their process of finding more oil. Let's elect political leaders who will make alternate energy supplies a top priority. Only through this means will we be able to protect what little natural habitats are left for us and for our children and their children. The Lake Ainslie basin, which covers most of western Cape Breton, the home of our ancestors and of our grandchildren should be protected from greedy oil explorers.

    • petitionChristine Johnson, Thu Oct 14 01:28
      Dearest cousins.... No oil business on my ggggg grandfather's grave. I was happy to sign My mother was born in Port Hawksbury... Lets keep it beautiful Christine
      • Protect Lake Ainslie Cape BretonHeather Walters, Thu Oct 14 02:27
        Dear Christine Thanks so much for you support. I feel it's the least I can do for old Angus MacIsaac! Where're you from? I'm in Ottawa.
        • Re: Protect Lake Ainslie Cape BretonAnonymous, Mon Oct 29 17:12
          Heather Just now saw your post! San Francisco California. Many of the MacIsaacs moved to Ottawa. My family migrated to the Boston area
          • OttawaHeather Walters, Mon Oct 29 17:24
            Hi The only Macisaac I know of in ottawa was Lawrence Macisaac, my 5th cousin... he was born in Inverness and has since moved back. Did you know that a branch of the MacIsaacs emigrated from Cape... more
            • New ZealandChristine Johnson, Fri Nov 2 00:33
              hi I can't even imagine a trip in that day to New Zealand! My Mom would talk of one of her Aunt's moving to Wyoming by covered wagon. She opened a boarding house there. Amazing! My Mom was born in... more
              • Re: New ZealandAllan J. Gillis, Fri Nov 2 05:58
                Hi Christine, I grew up not far from Port Hawkesbury and I've done a lot of research on local families. The present mayor of Port Hawkesbury, Billie Joe MacLean, is a distant relaive of mine. Who are ... more
                • Re: New ZealandChristine Johnson, Sat Nov 3 16:37
                  Hi Allen I think my people are your people :) My Grandmother Catherine MacIsaac married John MacInnis and had 5 children. Mary,Catherine,Joseph,Isabell and Leo. My Great Grandfather was Ranald... more
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