Super obese M feedee looking for F feeder in UK
Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:27pm

M feedee in London, I'm 25 and over 55 stone, housebound and almost immobile.
Looking for a female feeder to make me gain a LOT more weight, as much as possible.
I want to get to at least 1000 lbs and hopefully a lot more before the end.
Would love to be the fattest guy in the UK at least :) msg me if interested. UK F only!

    • New membersuis_rose, Sat Oct 6 6:02pm
      Hi I saw your post. Whilst Iíve always fantasised, this is my first time acting out. Iíd love to help you on your journey, especially as youíre also in uk. Iím happy to be educated. I donít mind if... more
      • Re: New memberLondon mega blob, Mon Oct 22 9:20pm
        Hi good to hear from you... would love to chat some more. Message me at
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