I need a male Feeder, im gay and my goal is 500+ kg
Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:21am

Help me please, i cant stop fatten up... I need a Real feeder

    • ref fattningAnonymous, Fri Dec 7 4:34am
      hi ill help you
      • Re: ref fattningAnonymous, Thu Dec 13 3:04pm
        • hiAnonymous, Sat Dec 15 2:48am
          yes but wife does it to drop a line
          • Re: hiAnonymous, Sun Dec 16 6:10pm
            Sorry, get Happy with ur wife, im not for u
    • FeederAnonymous, Fri Sep 28 10:45am
      Hi there. I would love to fatten you up.
      • Re: FeederAnonymous, Fri Dec 14 6:39pm
        I would love that! 500+ are ok then?
        • Re: FeederAnonymous, Mon Dec 17 7:23pm
          Do you want my contact? Write me on n.r.fuma@gmail.com
        • Re: FeederAnonymous, Sun Dec 16 6:07pm
          Yes they are, but i only get along with men
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