Interesting parallel ...
Wed Apr 1, 2015 11:06pm

You've been reading a collection of stories & I've stumbled across an author that largely writes only short stories. Have marked Elizabeth Moon on my Amazon wishlist ... some are available at my library but, surprisingly, not the ones you've noted.

As of late, short stories are my breaktime. I can read one as a short escape without falling into the Rabbit Hole of a novel. I have trouble escaping if the attraction is strong, lol! The author of late is Gregory Miller: The Uncanny Valley and Scaring the Crows .... a little fright factor akin to early Stephen King with homespun characters that remind me a bit of Bradbury. He is neither by a long shot but still enjoyable as kind've cross between creepy and nostalgic.

Good example: the old toothless lady who lived on the edge of town that survived a consuming flood of near a century back. She wanders the woods challenging the local boys to a right of passage of the first hunt in shooting holes through her only to recover with ease ... in short everyone knows who she is & what is her unhappy lot. She just. Can't. Die. Ultimately she figures out how to end her unwanted immortality. Creepy, with characters that usually find scenarios quite normal in their ordinary lives.

  • I got lost in Pak's world..., again!The Gryphon, Mon Mar 16 6:13am
    I just love Elizabeth Moon's books! I've just re-read my book, "The Deed Of Paksenarrion" (the omnibus edition containing the trilogy "Sheepfarmer's Daughter", Divided Allegiance", and "Oath of... more
    • Interesting parallel ... — Snapdragon, Wed Apr 1 11:06pm
      • I'm still reading stories....The Gryphon, Thu Apr 2 4:22am
        Been having car trouble again, so I've not been to the Library in too long. Stuck with reading (or re-reading) books I own, after I finished reading about Paks' adventures, I started re-reading the... more
        • Helloooo Gryphon ....Snapdragon, Thu Apr 2 11:21am
's always good to catch up with you & I do confess it's been quite a while. I would love to say that I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting your younger son but I live in CA, not TX, & have... more
          • Oh, duh!The Gryphon, Fri Apr 3 4:10am
            I did confuse you two! You are correct in that it is Starshine who has attended the medieval Faires that my younger son does.... Looks like my mind needs CPR as much, if not more, than my car does!... more
            • Oh geez, I would never have suggested .....Snapdragon, Fri Apr 3 4:12pm
              ... oncoming senility. I'd have no room to point a finger. I'm doing pretty good at 60 years to keep my multi-tasking straight at the best of times. And that's with several to-do lists plus master... more
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