The Gryphon
I'm still reading stories....
Thu Apr 2, 2015 4:22am

Been having car trouble again, so I've not been to the Library in too long.

Stuck with reading (or re-reading) books I own, after I finished reading about Paks' adventures, I started re-reading the Fritz Lieber series on Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser.

When I first read of those characters many years ago, I was immediately reminded of my own two sons! My eldest is very tall (6'5") and was born with red hair that faded to gold as he grew up (he now keeps it shaved bald for convenience.) You've met my younger son who is smaller and dark haired.....
I just cannot help but imagine my sons playing these characters in some Sword & Sorcery movie. LOL!

I'll have to check to see if Gregory Miller is available at my Library (or other libraries in the state through their loaning cooperation).
I like creepy, too! And, my car should be fixed (or replaced) soon.

Looking forward to days warm enough to sit on the couch on my front porch to read.....

The Gryphon

  • Interesting parallel ...Snapdragon, Wed Apr 1 11:06pm
    You've been reading a collection of stories & I've stumbled across an author that largely writes only short stories. Have marked Elizabeth Moon on my Amazon wishlist ... some are available at my... more
    • I'm still reading stories.... — The Gryphon, Thu Apr 2 4:22am
      • Helloooo Gryphon ....Snapdragon, Thu Apr 2 11:21am's always good to catch up with you & I do confess it's been quite a while. I would love to say that I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting your younger son but I live in CA, not TX, & have... more
        • Oh, duh!The Gryphon, Fri Apr 3 4:10am
          I did confuse you two! You are correct in that it is Starshine who has attended the medieval Faires that my younger son does.... Looks like my mind needs CPR as much, if not more, than my car does!... more
          • Oh geez, I would never have suggested .....Snapdragon, Fri Apr 3 4:12pm
            ... oncoming senility. I'd have no room to point a finger. I'm doing pretty good at 60 years to keep my multi-tasking straight at the best of times. And that's with several to-do lists plus master... more
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