Helloooo Gryphon ....
Thu Apr 2, 2015 11:21am's always good to catch up with you & I do confess it's been quite a while. I would love to say that I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting your younger son but I live in CA, not TX, & have never been close enough. The only MOTU alumni I've ever met has been Starshine when I was at a quilt market in Houston about a decade back (she lived close to Houston then). Hey, our monikers both start with S ... a bit too easy to confuse!

Here in CA we're already much MUCH too warm with temps about 10 to 20 degrees warmer than normal. Damn drought just keeps cranking onward into a fourth year of now-ugly crisis. The gov hasn't started rationing but we're heading there if rain clouds don't roll in & STAY PUT long enough to fill our near empty reservoirs. We have a brown backyard with veggie raised beds that I'm hesitating to be too involved with this season. Last year we cut our water use by an average of 30% and our bi-monthly bill dropped only by a couple of dollars.

Fritz Lieber? I don't recognize that name at all. Another to add to the wishlist, thank you! I hope your car gains some appropriate CPR very soon .....

  • I'm still reading stories....The Gryphon, Thu Apr 2 4:22am
    Been having car trouble again, so I've not been to the Library in too long. Stuck with reading (or re-reading) books I own, after I finished reading about Paks' adventures, I started re-reading the... more
    • Helloooo Gryphon .... — Snapdragon, Thu Apr 2 11:21am
      • Oh, duh!The Gryphon, Fri Apr 3 4:10am
        I did confuse you two! You are correct in that it is Starshine who has attended the medieval Faires that my younger son does.... Looks like my mind needs CPR as much, if not more, than my car does!... more
        • Oh geez, I would never have suggested .....Snapdragon, Fri Apr 3 4:12pm
          ... oncoming senility. I'd have no room to point a finger. I'm doing pretty good at 60 years to keep my multi-tasking straight at the best of times. And that's with several to-do lists plus master... more
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