The Gryphon
Oh, duh!
Fri Apr 3, 2015 4:10am

I did confuse you two! You are correct in that it is Starshine who has attended the medieval Faires that my younger son does.... Looks like my mind needs CPR as much, if not more, than my car does! LOL!

I read of the recent Water Ban there in California. I'm so sorry to hear of your beautiful State having drought problems. I've lived in California twice now. First as a pre-teen in the late '50's near San Fernando, and then as a young wife & mother in Lompoc for a short time before hubby moved us to San Diego. No drought back in those days, but everything was my favorite color - GREEN!

We're under our first Tornado Watch of the season here in these southern Ozark mountains as of this morning. It's 70 degrees outside at 6am, with the Forecast high listed as 67. Something wrong with this picture? Yep.... But, it's Arkansas.... There's always something weird going on here in this "The Natural State." Ha!

If you like Sword & Sorcery adventures, then you must find Fritz Lieber's "Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser" series of stories. You will absolutely LOVE Lieber's command of the English language. He has these two characters speaking near soliloquies regularly. Not full of puns like Piers Anthony, but more like some of Heinlein's early works....

Take care, Snapdragon. I'll TRY to remember YOU are in California and Starshine is in Texas. You are my reading friend, she is my son's friend.... And I'm getting old and senile.....

The Gryphon

  • Helloooo Gryphon ....Snapdragon, Thu Apr 2 11:21am's always good to catch up with you & I do confess it's been quite a while. I would love to say that I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting your younger son but I live in CA, not TX, & have... more
    • Oh, duh! — The Gryphon, Fri Apr 3 4:10am
      • Oh geez, I would never have suggested .....Snapdragon, Fri Apr 3 4:12pm
        ... oncoming senility. I'd have no room to point a finger. I'm doing pretty good at 60 years to keep my multi-tasking straight at the best of times. And that's with several to-do lists plus master... more
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