Oh geez, I would never have suggested .....
Fri Apr 3, 2015 4:12pm

... oncoming senility. I'd have no room to point a finger. I'm doing pretty good at 60 years to keep my multi-tasking straight at the best of times. And that's with several to-do lists plus master list of ever-changing priorities. Without writing crap down it's phfffft & gone!

So, if you're only mixin' up two people ... who both have names starting with S ... that haven't posted in weeks, plus a brain-blowout in your history .... well, I think you're still smokin' right along in the Land of Coherent.

In my college days I was a devout fan of Tolkien, Bradbury, Asimov, Andre Norton of the Witch World sagas & early Heinlein (I grok!), but haven't anchored to many of the sword 'n sorcery of today's writers. I've only recently read Orson Scott Card for the first time ... Ender's Game (I know, where was I then??) and one of his more recent scorcerous additions the name of which is phffft right now, lol!

I do enjoy Gaiman with Coraline but found the American Gods a bit tedious. There's been a few others of his I like vs a few others I'm left wondering what was he thinking?! Aaaaah, dark little mind that one!

Speaking of dark, I read Stephen King's "All Dark, No Stars" ... I bring this up as recently I've caught a couple of movies out using 2 of the 4 stories from the book. Aaaand right now I can't remember the names (sigh) so I'll look em up and check back later. I will tell you the book of novelettes, written fairly recent, was much more early King than some of his disappointing novels like "The Dome". He needs to go back to shorter pieces as his days of long sagas have eclipsed ... JMO.

  • Oh, duh!The Gryphon, Fri Apr 3 4:10am
    I did confuse you two! You are correct in that it is Starshine who has attended the medieval Faires that my younger son does.... Looks like my mind needs CPR as much, if not more, than my car does!... more
    • Oh geez, I would never have suggested ..... — Snapdragon, Fri Apr 3 4:12pm
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