The Gryphon
OK. I'm brain damaged.....
Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:34am

I have no idea where I got the idea of "Colloquium" from....

I'm reading Mercedes Lackey's "Collegium Chronicles" series!

All else in the post seems OK....

Duh.... I really AM brain damaged from the Ruptured Aneurysm in 1996, but it usually isn't quite so obvious. LOL!

The Gryphon

  • Now I'm lost in Valdemar....The Gryphon, Fri Apr 24 4:02am
    I'm reading Mercedes Lackey's "Colloquium Series" now. It's about a sort of college in Haven (the main city of Valdemar) where Bards, Healers, and Heralds train. The main character, Magpie, was an... more
    • OK. I'm brain damaged..... — The Gryphon, Mon Apr 27 5:34am
      • Even after that unfortunate incident you are still far smarter than any of the Beltway Bandits. As it turns out, there is a reason for that. It seems there have been sewer leaks into the Shenandoah... more
        • ROTFLMAO! Thank you!The Gryphon, Thu May 7 5:47am
          Seriously, I AM brain damaged from that ruptured aneurysm, but at least I am aware of my limitations and don't go trying to limit other folks' Freedom or Liberty like those Beltway Bandits. In spite... more
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