The Gryphon
ROTFLMAO! Thank you!
Thu May 7, 2015 5:47am

Seriously, I AM brain damaged from that ruptured aneurysm, but at least I am aware of my limitations and don't go trying to limit other folks' Freedom or Liberty like those Beltway Bandits.

In spite of my periodic brain farts, I do my research on the Political Candidates and I Vote in every Election scheduled in my Electoral District. I'm not Partisan, I vote for the PERSON I believe will best perform the duties of the Office for which they campaign.

It doesn't appear to make any difference. Even the ones I vote for who end up getting Elected seem to completely change their stance once they move to D.C. Your explanation of toxins in the Potomac seems possible if not plausible.

Thanks for brightening my morning.

My Motto: Celebrate Diversity.
That includes those of us who's brains no longer function optimally.....

The Gryphon

  • Even after that unfortunate incident you are still far smarter than any of the Beltway Bandits. As it turns out, there is a reason for that. It seems there have been sewer leaks into the Shenandoah... more
    • ROTFLMAO! Thank you! — The Gryphon, Thu May 7 5:47am
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