The Gryphon
Enough with The Land already....
Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:22am

Well, I made it through the re-read of the first 6 books (first Two Chronicles) of the Thomas Covenant books. I'll get to the Final Chronicles eventually....

Meanwhile, I'm off on a new adventure series of books. Last Autumn, I bought 4 Terry Goodkind books at the Library booksale. I was unfamiliar with the author, and the books appeared to be the 2nd through the 5th books in some series I'd not heard of before - "Sword Of Truth" series?

I just assumed the Library would have the first book in the series, right? Wrong. Not in the whole Library system. Maybe that was why they were out for sale without ever having the Library's inner stampings and Due Date area inside?

So, I bought the first book in the series from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. After doing some Google research, I found that there was a TV series ("The Legend Of The Seeker") made from these books! I never heard about that, either! (I don't have television signal where I am, and can no longer afford to pay for the satellite dish.)

I saw where YouTube has the entire TV Series offered online! But, as with most, I'll read the books first, THEN see the show/movie made from same.

That's my preferred method, although it doesn't always work out that way. With the Harry Potter series, I just could NOT get into the books when I tried to read them. No idea why.... But the movies? LOVED every one of them I saw (the first three? I know I've not seen them all yet.....)

I do hope, after my investment in these Terry Goodkind books, that they turn out to be a good read. THEN I'll check out the video versions.

What are YOU reading? Do you try to read the book before the movie whenever possible? What books do you think SHOULD be made into movies, yet haven't yet been done?

Don't let me be the only person left posting here at The Book Place.

The Gryphon

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