Which raises the question ....
Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:22pm

.... of how many times a movie has been better than the book from which it was taken. One classic example was “Little Big Man”. I read the book, which is a jumbled, poorly paced mess and then saw the Dustin Hoffman movie. The screenplay is much better, and the comedic tone of Hoffman makes it a very good movie. I know that’s not a current example, but it’s one that really jumps out at me. There have been a lot of other cases where the movie has been better, I think.


  • Enough with The Land already....The Gryphon, Tue Jul 14 3:22am
    Well, I made it through the re-read of the first 6 books (first Two Chronicles) of the Thomas Covenant books. I'll get to the Final Chronicles eventually.... Meanwhile, I'm off on a new adventure... more
    • Which raises the question .... — KenS, Thu Jul 16 6:22pm
    • You're not the only one .....Snapdragon, Thu Jul 16 4:46pm
      ... I simply wrapped up in an over-flowing plate of too much to do, so I've occasionally lurked. Past months have been caught up in my elderly mother's health decline. She is presently living in one... more
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