The Gryphon
"Gone To The Grave"
Thu Aug 20, 2015 5:05am

No, not me, at least not yet. It's a book I borrowed from the Library. Full title: "Gone to the Grave - Burial Customs of the Arkansas Ozarks, 1850 - 1950" by Abby Burnett.

Fascinating study on some of the Customs and superstitions of folks that live in the Counties around where I'm living now. Some notes are funny (a saucer of salt placed on the belly of the dead will prevent it swelling....) Some are so sad (wrapping an infant in the mother's bridal dress to bury the child as there was no other cloth available....)

I knew that in the days before modern Funeral Homes, folks had to bury their own dead (with much help from neighbors and any nearby family). This book includes the making of coffins, caskets, and vaults (no, they're not interchangeable words as I thought..,) why reflective surfaces like windows & mirrors were covered, and even how cemeteries were sited to avoid having to cross flooded creeks after storms.

It's all interesting to me.

Meanwhile, I'm still working my way through Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series.... Multiple paperback books, each over 800 pages long. I'm halfway through book 2, "Stone of Tears." These books are so much better than the Television program they made from the first few books and called "The Legend Of The Seeker." I couldn't even finish watching the first episode, I thought it was so bad! It will take me a while, but I WILL finish reading all the books! ;-)

The Gryphon

    • Reflective surfaces ...Snapdragon, Sun Aug 23 10:00pm
      ... what a curious tradition in covering all of these within a home. I'd like to know the idea behind that. I do recall my grandmother becoming agitated when I set my shoes on the table once as a... more
      • Re: Reflective surfaces ...The Gryphon, Mon Aug 24 4:04am
        I think the reason for covering mirrors and other reflective surfaces was so that the newly dead's Spirit wouldn't see themselves, and be tempted to stick around..... Or, maybe Ghosts show up in... more
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