The Gryphon
Strange But True
Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:39am

Ever pick a book off a Library shelf because the title was so intriguing? On my last trip to my local Library, "Strange But True" by John Searles caught my eye. I couldn't resist checking it out....

I'm glad I did. To quote from the book jacket: "At once a moving story of redemption and a heart-stopping work of suspense, "Strange But True" confirms John Searles's [sic] place among the most gifted voices of his generation. Beautifully written and charged with a sublime wit, the novel brings to vibrant life a cast of characters that no reader will forget."

So true. I hope my Library has another book by Searles, "Boy Still Missing", if not the local library, at least within their state-wide system....

Meanwhile, I continue to travel through the Terry Goodkind universe with "The Sword of Truth" series of books.... Halfway through the 5th book in the series! ;-)

The Gryphon

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