The Gryphon
Still working on the Sword Of Truth series
Tue Dec 8, 2015 3:14am

I'm reading the 8th book in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, "Naked Empire", and, so far, it's the shortest book in the series at only 725 (paperback) pages! ;-)

This author is amazing in his ability to create flawed characters that we still love and care for. There's wizards and magic and some very scary Evil folks, but there's also a pet goat that we come to love like an affectionate dog!

Stephen Donaldson's Thomas Covenant character is also flawed, but I was continuously wanting to smack him (the character, not the author) upside the head for his behavior! I still loved that series enough to re-read it twice, but I also still want to smack Thomas Covenant upside the head! LOL!

Terry Goodkind's characters, even the Evil ones, keep me turning pages to see what the heck is going to happen next!

Happy Holidays and may all your Reading be Interesting! ;-)

The Gryphon

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