The Gryphon
I'm done!
Tue Jan 19, 2016 9:10am

Well, I finished reading "Severed Souls" by Terry Goodkind last evening. Library doesn't yet have "Warheart" so I'll have to wait for it.

It was a great adventure following those Characters through all those books (which actually only covered a few years of their activities.)

I did NOT like how "Severed Souls" ended, however. All the other books ended in such a way that the reader could imagine more adventures following, or be satisfied with that ending. This last ending was a total bummer with one of the major Characters being DEAD. How can that happen????

What will "Warheart" bring? A resurrection of that Character (other characters in this series were brought back from the brink, if not from actual, but brief, death...)? Or is that Character REALLY Dead and gone from that World?

I can hardly wait for the next book to find out!!!

Meanwhile, I think I'll go read some Historical Fiction and "reset" my brain from all that sword & sorcery....


The Gryphon

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