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Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:38am

I got the last book in the "Sword of Truth" series by Terry Goodkind, "Warheart", from the Library on Wednesday (January 27th), and had it finished by Friday night.

Whew! I won't give anything away, but I am much more pleased by how this book ended..., not only ending that book, but ending the entire Series.

While I was waiting for that book to be sent from another (larger) library in our State-wide system to my local (smaller) library, I binge-watched some of the TV series somebody tried to make from this book series, called "Legend of the Seeker". Most of it is available for free over on YouTube.

Egads. What a mess they made of the stories from the books! I cannot believe that Terry Goodkind was happy about this two season televised series. The events from the story were not in the same order as the books. Denna, one of the Mord-Sith, who died (and became a helpful "Good Spirit" in the books) somehow ended up as a basically EVIL character. The leather costumes of the Mord-Sith (highly trained beautiful female torturers bonded to the Lord Rahl) are much more elaborate and decorative than as described in the books (in the books, the red leather is unadorned and red so the blood of the victims doesn't show up so much.....) Not to mention their weapon, the Ageil, is larger and more phallic looking than as described in the book....

The Casting of most of the characters was decent, the actors mostly believable except for the director's tendency toward slow-motion movements much like "The Matrix" during fight scenes, where people are moving in impossible ways dodging arrows, knives, and swords.... Plus, the tendency of the volume to increase during all the fighting scenes (apparently, clashes of swords somehow get amplified when slowed down in time by a television director.....)

I was VERY disappointed. This story could've been told as wonderfully as was LOTR/Hobbit or even Avatar, but no, it was apparently done on the cheap...

I'm now very glad nobody has attempted to make "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" by Stephen R. Donaldson (another of my favorite Fantasy book series) into televised or movie versions.

As I've seen time and again with Stephen King books, Hollywood is incapable of bringing a book's original story to the screen intact and unchanged. The ONLY Stephen King story I've seen done as the book was written was "The Langoliers." "Misery" came close, as did the first (Jack Nicholson) version of "The Shining", but both of those movies left out some very scary portions of the book (for time? to save money? who knows....?)

So, that's my "book report" on this most wonderful Sword & Sorcery series by Terry Goodkind. I enjoyed the books thoroughly (except for the ending of "Severed Souls"....)

Now, I think I'll go re-read my collection of the books about the First Americans by Kathleen & Michael Gear. Just as exciting, but no swords or sorcery....


The Gryphon

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    • Series completed. — The Gryphon, Sat Jan 30 2:38am
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