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New Fantasy Adventures (for me, anyway...)
Tue May 3, 2016 3:41am

My local Library is always one of my favorite places - wherever I have lived (shore to coast in the USA and 1 year in Bavaria), and I've always found the Librarians to be helpful.

Here where I'm living now (the Ozarks of northern Arkansas), one Librarian has been especially helpful to me (becoming a good friend in addition to an informed source with similar taste in reading material).

Knowing I enjoy books in series (the adventures last longer that way), she recently recommended a new series by an Author with whom I was unfamiliar: Juliet Marillier. The series is the "Blackthorn and Grim" novels. Blackthorn is a "wise woman" (a woman who uses herbs and common sense to treat and heal folks) and her companion, Grim, who is an oversize "jack of all trades" with a very mysterious past but committed to assisting Blackthorn however he can.

In the first book of the series, "Dreamer's Pool", we find our flawed heroes being freed from captivity in a horrible prison by a "fey" character (little description or background is given of this character other than he seems committed to helping Blackthorn help others....) I got the impression that only our main characters can see this "fey" man. I've yet to learn why (and won't tell if it means revealing a spoiler! LOL!)

We learn little of the backgrounds of either of the main characters, other than they've both been badly used and abused in their pasts. Blackthorn is bent on revenge against the local chieftain, but our "fey" character extracts a promise from Blackthorn to postpone that vengeance for 7 years and commit herself to helping whoever asks at any time.... Grim is committed to helping the "Lady" (as he frequently refers to her) in whatever way he can (including using his size and strength to help them escape the prison.) Grim had already been incarcerated for some time before Blackthorn was thrown into the filthy cell across from him.

After escaping the Prison together, they head north where the "fey" character has indicated they will find shelter and a need for their skills. Together these two unlikely companions make as good a sleuthing team as Sherlock and Watson! The land they live in is fictional, although reminiscent of ancient Ireland, and many of the names appear Celtic (to me, anyway....)

I LOVED the first book! It ended perfectly (as far as I was concerned), and I could hardly wait to start the next book in the series, "Tower Of Thorns."

This author has written other books (some in series, some for "young adults") that I will be checking out once I'm finished with this new adventure of some new favorite characters!

I Hope I'm not the last person who enjoys holding a REAL book (as opposed to an e-reader) and getting completely lost in some fantasy world having adventures and trying to solve mysteries. I want Libraries to continue to exist so I can continue my favorite activity....


The Gryphon

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