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Another Fantasy Adventure Series...
Sat May 21, 2016 5:12am

That same wonderful Librarian directed me to the adventures written by Michael J. Sullivan - "The Riyria Chronicles" and "The Riyria Revelations" with three books making up each series.

The Revelations series was actually written first, and the Chronicles written later at fans' & readers' insistence to cover when our two main Characters first met and their first adventures together.

Hadrian Blackwater is a tall, well-muscled, mercenary sword master. His father was a blacksmith, and while Hadrian barely learned the craft, he could hardly wait to leave his small hamlet to join a fighting force and have great adventures. He carries three swords when we meet him, and he is expert at wielding all three.

Royce Melborn is a skilled thief with excellent eyesight and hearing who always dresses in black and is able to move silently as a shadow. His only weapon, other than his wits, is a jeweled dagger with a white blade. We learn little of his early life before the two young men are introduced to each other by an elderly wise man.

Royce & Hadrian, with their very different personalities, find it difficult to work together at first. Hadrian is friendly & outgoing, and tends to take people at their word. Royce is quiet, cautious, and often suspicious of others.

Together, they make up Riyria (Elvish for Two, a team, or bond) and have great adventures together.

And, I'm on these adventures with them while I read! ;-)

The Gryphon

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    • Another Fantasy Adventure Series... — The Gryphon, Sat May 21 5:12am
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