I have encountered Mercedes Lackey on Quora ...
Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:14pm

Hello Gryphon! I recently stumbled into Quora not that long ago and have now encountered Mercedes Lackey as a Quoran writer. She hasn't been on there for long, but plainly her reputation has quickly netted followers to her profile.

I might even go dig up some of books and start reading them. Reading through a number of her posts, she's enormously likable, pragmatic and a dry sense of humor.

You'd like the Quoran world, Gryphon, but you'll need to post under a real name.

FWIW, I haven't been lurking much because my world took a turn with having to take in my senior mother about this time last year with rather exhausting ripples of effect. It's been interesting.

I've missed the MOTU, but very few are there that I connect with now save for you. Glad I stopped in with the Lackey link to Quora ... I hadn't caught up to new books written for the MIllennium series. His girlfriend I gather?

  • Lisbeth Salander is still fighting for good....The Gryphon, Fri Jul 29 5:42am
    While waiting for my Library to receive 3 more Mercedes Lackey books for me (borrowed from another Library in the System), I read "The Girl in the Spider's Web" by David Lagercrantz. This writer is... more
    • I have encountered Mercedes Lackey on Quora ... — Snapdragon, Wed Aug 10 2:14pm
      • Hey, Lady!The Gryphon, Sun Aug 14 12:03am
        Thanks for the Link. No doubt I'd love the Quora site, but I cannot post where I must use my real name. I've a Stalker that seems to find me whenever I do so. I am not sure he's really dangerous, but ... more
        • Well, that just bloody well sucks big time ...Snapdragon, Sat Aug 20 2:05pm
          I now remember you mentioning this stalker long time back. How bloody tiresome. Wasn't this some *hole that attached to you on the earlier BBS, before MOTU? Those initials are now faint in memory,... more
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