The Gryphon
Hey, Lady!
Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:03am

Thanks for the Link. No doubt I'd love the Quora site, but I cannot post where I must use my real name. I've a Stalker that seems to find me whenever I do so. I am not sure he's really dangerous, but he's definitely annoying and scares me enough that I keep my weapons cleaned, loaded, and close at hand.... And, I cruise the WWW under alias. I must, since I have no TV, and no other way to know what is happening in the world.

I am trying to work my way through all the Mercedes Lackey books. Not an easy task, considering how many there are, but I'm putting a dent in the list, for sure! ;-)

As for the new book in the Millennium Series, the "Spider Web" book is not by Larsson's girlfriend, but by some guy who seemed to like the series (and is a decent writer himself.) I enjoyed the new book, but not as much as the original three.

I'm sorry you've less time to lurk about MOTU and elsewhere. I was tasked with Mother-care for some time, so I'm well aware of the many challenges and the time it takes from other activities. Every time I'd get tired and frustrated, I just reminded myself of the years she took care of me first.... Just remember to take good care of yourself, too, so you CAN take care of her.

Blessed Be, Snapdragon. I'll keep you in my prayers.

The Gryphon

  • I have encountered Mercedes Lackey on Quora ...Snapdragon, Wed Aug 10 2:14pm
    Hello Gryphon! I recently stumbled into Quora not that long ago and have now encountered Mercedes Lackey as a Quoran writer. She hasn't been on there for long, but plainly her reputation has quickly... more
    • Hey, Lady! — The Gryphon, Sun Aug 14 12:03am
      • Well, that just bloody well sucks big time ...Snapdragon, Sat Aug 20 2:05pm
        I now remember you mentioning this stalker long time back. How bloody tiresome. Wasn't this some *hole that attached to you on the earlier BBS, before MOTU? Those initials are now faint in memory,... more
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