Well, that just bloody well sucks big time ...
Sat Aug 20, 2016 2:05pm

I now remember you mentioning this stalker long time back. How bloody tiresome. Wasn't this some *hole that attached to you on the earlier BBS, before MOTU? Those initials are now faint in memory, MSNBC was it?

Yeah, I'm trying to stay ahead of myself. It doesn't help that the relationship between my mother and myself has been uneasy since I figured her out as a teenager. However, as an only child, she has only one option as she's managed to estrange herself from the remaining niece and nephew. There's very little family left save for her older sister; those two are peas in the same pod. Passive-aggressive is an understatement. Manipulation is her reason for existence, which has now narrowed to a small bedroom and a memory that's becoming Swiss cheese.

On the upside, I can thank her for my reading addiction. A book was the world I'd escape to when dysfunction ran amuck in my childhood, and, no surprise, I utterly adored fairy tales and mythology which drove her nuts. Then SF and fantasy and mysteries.

I like the darker side of human nature so the Millenium series appealed considerably. My daughter and I shared the books and watched the movies together. I didn't do a lot with my life, but I'm now damn proud of our only child. She's quite the patient young lady, smart as a whip and I'm grateful I played a part in getting her there without messing her up with my baggage nor letting her grandmother eff with her head.

Children are what make us immortal. I know you have two sons(?). And a sister close by. Family make us whole and ground us, be they blood or friend.

  • Hey, Lady!The Gryphon, Sun Aug 14 12:03am
    Thanks for the Link. No doubt I'd love the Quora site, but I cannot post where I must use my real name. I've a Stalker that seems to find me whenever I do so. I am not sure he's really dangerous, but ... more
    • Well, that just bloody well sucks big time ... — Snapdragon, Sat Aug 20 2:05pm
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