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The Dragon Jousters series....
Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:53am

I'm on the 4th book in "The Dragon Jousters" series by Mercedes Lackey. The four books are: "Joust", "Alta", "Sanctuary", and "Aerie." Interesting reading!

Little description on the world where these stories take place other than there are deserts and some delta-like areas with multiple rivers emptying into an ocean.

The stories remind me of ancient Egypt, except for the two types of Dragons that exist (Desert Dragons and smaller, though no less fierce Swamp Dragons.) The two Countries, Tia and Alta, go to war and use captive Dragons to "joust" (fight) against one another. The captive dragons are managed by a drug contained in the tala plant (powdered and sprinkled over the raw meat fed to the dragons) but the Jousters still struggle to manage these huge beasts.

One Tian manages to capture a dragon egg, incubate it to hatching, and then raise the dragonet forming a life-long bond with it without the use of the tala drug. Others wish to do the same and want their own dragons.....

Besides the farmers, crafters, soldiers, Jousters, etc., there are some people with magical gifts, most of whom go into various Priesthoods (there are multiple gods in these countries) but some become Magi and work EVIL magic by draining the magic from the others, and wish to destroy all the dragons before the dragons (and their riders) kill them.

Interesting series, although I still prefer Lackey's books on Valdemar (I'd rather have a Companion than a Dragon, personally..... LOL!)

I'm working my way through all the books by Lackey. At least all the books contained in the Libraries in my area!

The Gryphon

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