A wish for the holidays ....
Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:53pm

This is likely just to you, Gryphon, as so few now wander through the Book Place. I would find it difficult to change much of this secret room as it reminds me of Rosemary. I miss her dry humor and pragmatism.

Here's to a sparkling, quiet holiday. The year was hectic for many I know, myself included, and we all deserve a gentle exit into 2017. The year coming has new clouds on the horizon ... we'll address them in January.

Enjoy a breath of silence, a stretch of starry skies. Stay warm, stay well. Snapdragon.

    • Mine, too!TheGryphon, Fri Dec 23 1:13am
      Thank you, Snapdragon. I, too, miss Rosemary, and come here to visit with her Spirit, I guess.... My sister gifted me with 4 books for Solstice this year. We'll both be missing our monthly "fix" of... more
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