The Gryphon
The Starvation Lake Mysteries
Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:42am

If you're a big fan of Hockey, you'll enjoy these 3 books by Bryan Gruley more than I did.

Starvation Lake, The Hanging Tree, and The Skeleton Box all take place over a few years with basically the same characters in the small town of Starvation Lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our hero, Gus, a journalist trying to keep the small town newspaper afloat, plays Hockey on the small leagues in the area, and has done so since he was a kid. Since I know little about that sport, I was only skimming over the details of the equipment, rinks, and games described in the books.

The Mysteries are interesting, as are the characters themselves, but, to me, the Hockey was unnecessary filler....

Oh, well. It's back to Fantasy land for me. Now I'm re-reading the Lankmar Adventures (short stories) by Fritz Leiber. I'll take swords & sorcery over Hockey any day! ;-)

The Gryphon

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