Quora interest ....
Thu Feb 2, 2017 1:23pm

Hey Gryphon,

We spoke once before about how I thought you'd enjoy Quora, a Question and Answer forum. Then you reminded me that you flew below the radar due to a stalker. I recently encountered someone who mentioned how she participated on Quora without worrying about her ex finding her again.

This might have some benefit to you and reopen a bigger frame in your quiet world. Up to you but give this a read ... and you can surf through Quora without signing up to gain a better scope of things. Even if the POS finds you on something as relatively obscure as Quora, he can be blocked or, if harassment is proven, the Quoran admin will banish. I like the sound of the last one.


Email me if you'd rather ask questions not on this teeny weeny pink back door room, lol!

    • ThanksThe Gryphon, Wed Feb 8 5:40am
      Thanks, Snap. I do remember we discussed Quora before. I haven't been bothered by my stalker (knock wood) in a while now, and that relieves me. Believe it or not, my world isn't quite as quiet as it... more
      • I love doing all of the above ....Snapdragon, Wed Feb 8 1:53pm
        Sorry we don't live closer since I've taught classes in all of them at one point in my life. I've actually gone back to teaching on the road again, although that's been mitigated a tad with... more
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