I love doing all of the above ....
Wed Feb 8, 2017 1:53pm

Sorry we don't live closer since I've taught classes in all of them at one point in my life. I've actually gone back to teaching on the road again, although that's been mitigated a tad with caregiving for my mother. Dementia is making mild inroads now so we're not always comfortable in leaving more than a couple of hours and certainly can't leave town together. Interesting conflict.

My goods aren't the usual needlework these days:
These are the classes I'm teaching at EGA National in August's about the only time I end up traveling since we're not money flush at the moment.

I only locally belong to a quilting group that focuses heavily on community service ... quilts for the veterans, small kid quilts for firemen to use with families burned out ...other guilds tried to woo my expertise on creative projects. For free of course, which burned me out so no more for now.

I miss stitch'n bitch groups ... once a week would be awesome therapy, lol!

  • ThanksThe Gryphon, Wed Feb 8 5:40am
    Thanks, Snap. I do remember we discussed Quora before. I haven't been bothered by my stalker (knock wood) in a while now, and that relieves me. Believe it or not, my world isn't quite as quiet as it... more
    • I love doing all of the above .... — Snapdragon, Wed Feb 8 1:53pm
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