The Gryphon
I'm still reading....
Fri May 26, 2017 4:28am

Just thought I'd better pop in and let everybody know I'm still reading most of the time. I swear, I must be in my second childhood - preferring to curl up with a good book to any other activity. Only my rumbling stomach reminds me I need to take a break for food....

My latest obsession is Val McDermid. The first book I read by her was a non-fiction on Forensics. Then I discovered she also writes Mysteries!

I'm currently working on "A Place Of Execution" and I can hardly put it down (I have fallen asleep with it in my hand after midnight! Good thing I use a PageKeeper bookmark....)

It's fascinating to me how different the British legal system is when compared to our American one. LOL at the wigs & robes the Barristers wear - complete with the Judge putting a small black cloth over his wig when he pronounces Death by Hanging to the convicted! So glad our Judicial System restricts the robes to the Judges or I suspect there would be giggles in the courtroom. ;-)

Val McDermid has written lots of books for me to enjoy through the rest of the year.

Hope you're enjoying reading, too!

The Gryphon

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