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I love my Library!
Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:55am

My Grandfather took me to my first Public Library (I'd already discovered the one at my school) when I was in the First grade. I was already reading beyond my years, so he thought I should have my first Library Card because he believed "Reading is the Key to the Door of the Universe". He was so right! It wasn't long before I dreamed of one day LIVING in a Library. ;-)

My local Library (like most) has an annual "Library Sale" where books (some slightly worn & replaced on the shelves, some donated to the Library specifically for the sale to generate always needed funds.) We "Friends of the Library" (Library card is free, but a donation to the Library makes you a "Friend") get access to the Sale the day before it's opened to the Public. In the past 10 years, I've never missed one of those sales, and never failed to find multiple books to purchase. After reading them, they either go on my shelves or get "recycled" through my local used book store.

At last year's sale I bought a hard-copy book with an intriguing title: "Cruel As The Grave" - a Medieval Mystery by an author unknown to me at that time - Sharon Kay Penman. After thoroughly enjoying reading it, I checked the online "card catalog" (who remembers those little drawers full of 3x5 cards with the magic to help you find the book(s) you're looking for?) Hooray! More books by Sharon Kay Penman in our State-wide Library System.

I'm now 3/4's of the way through the nearly 600-page book - "Lionheart" - a Historical novel about the the great Crusader, King Richard, and his exploits in the Holy Land. I can barely wait to read the sequel, "A King's Ransom", waiting for me in a stack of other books I checked out last week.

Sometimes, I get so frustrated with "historical novels" that seem to be just an excuse to write another "Romance" book (which I have NEVER enjoyed!) Penman includes some interactions between couples attracted to one another, but none of the "heaving bosoms" or "deflowering" I find uninteresting in those "Romance" books.

After I complete "A King's Ransom", I'll be looking through the online catalog for our Library system to see what other books by this talented author I may borrow. It sometimes takes nearly a week for a book requested from a distant Library (still within Arkansas, but not in this county), but the Library is good about notifying the requester when it's arrives at my local Library where they will keep it for 10 days before returning it to the "home" Library if you don't come get it first. Still have the full month of "borrow" time (which can usually be renewed several times unless there's a waiting list for the book....)

So, if you like "Historical Fiction" or "Medieval Mysteries" check into Sharon Kay Penman.

The Gryphon

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