The Gryphon
Do you like "Who done it?" books?
Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:02am

I'm on a quest to read the entire book list of author Jonathan Kellerman. I'm particularly fascinated by his police detective & clinical psychologist team of investigators - the "Alex Delaware" series.

I am so enjoying being fooled into thinking I know "who done it" before the end of the book, only to be surprised almost every time! I've read a dozen books in the series so far, and only guessed the perp ONE time (and I won't spoil it for you telling you which one....)

Each book in the series stands alone, so it isn't necessary to read them in sequence, but the lives of Alex (the psychologist) and his best friend, Milo Sturgis (the police detective,) do progress & develop over time. Milo is in an established, committed relationship with a Doctor at a large hospital in the greater Los Angeles area, while Alex lives with, then breaks up with, at least two different women (so far, anyway,) over time.

The Author was a practicing Clinical Psychologist before he turned to writing, so the books reflect authenticity in that domain, and he must have done his research because the police work rings true to me (maybe not to an actual trained criminologist, but I'm just an avid reader.....)

Anyway, if you enjoy detective mysteries with great dialog and a variety of crimes & settings, I can recommend Jonathan Kellerman!

What are YOU reading these days?

The Gryphon

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