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Microphone Ash
Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:54pm


Seven O one it get dark on the phone
Dumb rappers just won't get it done
Hop just owned by a slum
You faggits the reason son roll with a blunt
Nigh my shoulder a gun drop you like an
Album...tell Killah RaW I chalk Em
I guess polishin bullets got you walkin
exquisite my novels a rendered
Expression of henchmen Bitch all of you idiots
Come on with friendship lets dead this
If you feelin high headed how bout being Winded
I know you should try for it but Rap is my forest
Thank my moms for it or urs for a new boy she
In bed with in training to cut u off expenses
My smiles tremendous I'll leave you postmen
With niles in ur denims all of you profiled
With penance you too short for this tennis
Your crew hot never mentioned so endless
The jokes on being the fattest Biggie's pampers
I'm getting high

Which means I'll have to roll


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