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No Subject
Thu Nov 9, 2017 1:15pm

eyes of the cobra these lines never forget the owner
hard dick for some fine ass choocha mammi get closer
holder of a bottle opener I'm who you know huh?
vod-ka and cola spliffs rolled up night time soldier
blood coughed up over the tub I filled it up What!
opinions matter as much as two ...s and menage love
didn't have to take them to the apartment
count the blessings that God gives and that's a Lot in the Hundreds
I'm in the spot where the blunts lit and cigars clipped
assholes think I'm some hard shit have to use many tahlets
punkin on kids one love to the ribs tuckin it
Hop just dumbed some intellects thinking Should he say all this?
I'm laughin too character lackin tattoos what the Haps do?
talkin to inanimate objects n being entertained so natural
you think we're different the realest is 8 million stories naked
where if I didn't have those shoes and laces then it ain't shit
new rules for the complacent we don't get sick we get Jason
masked men with razors coming out of containers
you still in the same mix I'm new as amazement
lot of questions and I'm too high for answers!
black out like panthers when they see a gazelle lift!
cigarettes of smoke lines appear when I write this here
the kid with a titan stare make the lifeless disappear
crime filled environments of despair rotten ages that tear
now they want to see it everywhere how come and why, not clear
taxes while pigeons shit on statues my writing that astute
someone blaze that haaachu while I come with a hat screwed
this is music no-one should act rude do and get that due
the don, well that's on ice cube no liquor spilled on black boots
countin the cash while the cash counts too!
Deep in the Hoove rooms four aces and wet chooch
mammi rubbin her breasts to the suit we gon do more
than just act casual!
lets see who out-lasts who? this is what hustlers without gats do
findin rhymes without getting the mask moved
Spittin fire without the drag-goons
That's comical news I'm ontop of a metropolis pissin off the roof
this is just one of those loose....

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