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.....Ice Water.....
Mon Jan 8, 2018 8:56pm


My Underboss HitMan Sixers Allen Iverson the Truth kid....It Ain't Glock ERA....

.....You Had an Upper Hand, Time to Put you Down Burner Down Samash////Chi why you Kill him already/////Wiz BA,

I talk underworld hitmen that read and listen
not the type to start snitchin and tell me where
they hid the billion like Imma start revealing
code plans for the building fortunate Children
Knew the plans of a CrUk...Door bell rang
Must be my servant MAN They heard his hand belonged
to a powerful Den that dealt in pain and neglect
Gotchu who raised a spliff or Dabbed with Death
I'm deep in a gambler pit where they won't even
let me in....Cus they see me Steamin
at the Cash register Skeetin me presi-dents
What Happened to the Natives?
(D: On Vacation)
They blazin burns ties suck notes ez paper cigarettes
fcuk NO to razors like you was raised better bitches!

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