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Steiner Brothers
Tue Jan 9, 2018 9:48pm

I want to then I don't...contradict myself on purpose
"Fixing" the unfixable is worthless.
The safe behind the Salvador Dali piece is striking
I'm Henry Rollins of new era I marvel lightning
Sound clap of a soundscape cause a time lapse
If the error is death you cant syntax your time back!
She said I gave her that D just like a lineback
Magna Cum laude of the strokes adjusted her spine track
The Bronx reign no weather updates Smash these cupcakes
A dirty block can make me clean on a tough day
Georgio Valentino G.O. Carlito
Young CEO, CCO & CFO
Once a safe haven tucked secluded now 12 intrudin
cheese eaters speak...why the raiding? go and ask Gruden
14 joints Soul Of A Don is soon landing
Raekwon saluted Break Of The Dawn which was outstanding
Which is worst? A super plex or a neckbreaker?//
In the kitchen with heat cooking with gunz a sket baker.

I don't deal with rats and the singers I'm more in the line with the slingers//
And I ball in New York, Porzingas!

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