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=CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo *HOOVES*
.....Blink None.....
Sat Mar 10, 2018 6:38am

Beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImMuvyJZ1E8


Detox injections life's stressin hearin n don't listen
peoples went to prison no pizza no television
Viper these questions one of us here is a fcukin detective!
internet'in the venom in these web intellectual professions
spreadin the name chest bumpin ignoring anybodies pain
putting bodies in the brain fcukin dead anything not the same!
Remember Ghost P, Blaze? Fcuk happened is they mainstream artists searchin for fame?
the blood pumpin in the vein the vodka espresso won't get it in the STates!
when you a rapper the noise levels might hammer
turned artist still hearin cats talk pampers!
all this damn work where the money where that ELLOH shirt?
Still hidden behind smirks till I CO-Bane like Kurt
Money palms think far n beyond lot of the past still after Us
None Catchin Ups, runnin so fast after the buck a 180 back to the start!
Thinkin they God's Sons lotta of them jus Naaaasss!
Why they call lines bars? prison cells, cell phones, what happened to shell toes
n livin without hell's hold? The Underground so Azazel!
tongue twist the numb wit lot of dumb pricks wanna run with
I ain't no dunce kid so all this attention start with your fcukin pockets!
Last night saw a ghost bat lights in my eyes where the stars at
you know they watch where you sleep prolly talk to you n steal a dream
give nightmares n cackle like thieves stay away from Jokers who don't bleed
since I was five I seen a blade run across the neck
no murderous scene nor a threat - prolly take from a chosen infant!
dark auras walkin into rooms the haunt of a life that can't snooze
feel your heart beat praying to Christ n keep a strong belief
while you start to think bright someone in the dark starts to see
where does this all come from, I'm hearing my dead mother like I pulled one?
she died of a blood clot now you know that's something we didn't run from
now I have this new step mom shits so fcuking annoying I want to dead one
praying that God takes my powers back like he want a coward rap
tryna avoid powder traps I'm 12 times the hour back!
twistin the fitted liKe how is that she want to cheat when u on your fcukin J.O.B!
Tryan be a beauty queen when sons struggling with epilepsy
she in her fcukin 50s you know them whores weak when they sense worth in greed
the fcukin industry polluting an earth that doesn't allow it to breath
lot of dark souls put to rest ma'fcukas as I'm typing getting upset
never faced a gun threat never been kept longer that sun set
Lickin the back of love's sweat - she's married now still can't stop thinkin....
of how it would have turned out if my love was the first she heard bout!
probably torture for a worker fcuking conditions getting worser!
little mouse now a cursor walkin with tough guys but scared to pull burners
These pussies need a large loops to jump through, no circus!
you ever heard the expression - nothing to worry about!
that's zero on a time bomb....

.....who talkin now?

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