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Smoke Something Shut Up And Listen
Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:01am


    • Hey dickhead | B.G.A., Fri Apr 13 2:49am
      I'd rather blow my brains out in front of ya daughter than listen to a second of that soundcloud second rate rap Olympics grindtime king of the dot cornball shit you got on that piece of shit... more
      • Re: Hey dickhead | Anonymous, Wed Apr 18 8:21am
        Hahaha dont get mad cos u need speech therapy Shows u aint listened to nothin cos it aint even on soundcloud ... Ur bullshit bars are basic elementary garbage now pack it up n ... off
        • White boy listen | B.G.A., Wed Apr 18 1:09pm
          I got better shit to do than listen to you embarrass yourself with that lil hobby of yours clown...you need THERAPY if you think anybody would listen to that bullshit... more
          • Re: White boy listen | Anonymous, Wed Apr 18 3:18pm
            Damn that must hurt A white boy with a hobby beats a black guy tryna make it his livin Record a track
            • No your a white BUM | B.G.A., Wed Apr 18 4:32pm
              Who WILL NEVER MAKE IT AND PLAY YOUR TRASH SONGS FOR YOUR FRIENDS WHILE THEY GAS YO TRASH ASS Meanwhile Im a Black God with cash in different pots, cars crib who comes in here to troll faggots like... more
              • Thats funny how i make money from this then | JRhymer, Thu Apr 19 3:20am
                People pay to see me perform ... do they pay to watch u write poems that dont rhyme? No? Didnt think so little man... stay in school and say no to tide pods u ...in retard
                • Wow | Anonymous, Thu Apr 19 10:55am
                  Who the ... would pay to listen to that shir, thats how I know you full of shit, no ones that ...ing stupid to waste their time like that 😂😂😂😂 and a open mic is not a... more
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